“Empowering our girls today, to become leaders tomorrow.”

Join us in creating a sanctuary of leadership, learning, and empowerment for young Muslim females in Australia.


To empower the future female leaders of our community with the wisdom, moral character and self-confidence through belief and community engagement.

To strengthen the sisterhood in the community by building better relationships and female networks.

To run community based programs that raise awareness and offer skills to address issues affecting the young Muslim females in Australia.

To raise capital and build the foundations to establish ‘Al Amir Academy; Leadership Institute for Girls’: a learning institution that embodies the values and vision of Her Project Inc.


Her Project Inc. will be launching with some really exciting and unique projects tailored to suit young Muslim girls in Melbourne aged between 12-15 years. These programs have been carefully designed to build leadership, inculcate confidence and self-esteem as Australian Muslim women. Her Project Inc.’s programs will take a creative approach to learning and we aim that through them, we are able to achieve our ultimate vision of the organisation: to establish a leadership institute for young Muslim girls in Australia, Insha’Allah. Please do have a browse through all of our projects and sign up to our e-newsletter to receive updates on event details.

Her Magazine

Her Magazine will be a creative platform for our girls to present and publish their creative works, be it in the form of literature, photography, or art.

Monthly Hangouts

The Monthly Hangouts will be sessions for girls that will address trending social issues and open discussions in an informal, yet creative and engaging way.

Her Leadership

Her Leadership is a program that will be delivered to specific age groups, over the course of one full year with skills and confidence-building workshops.

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