To create a sanctuary of leadership, learning and empowerment for young Muslim women in Australia.

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Her Project Inc. was born out of a need. A need to provide the girls of our community with the support and guidance to address and flourish from the issues of social displacement and conflicting crises facing them in the Australian community.

Most of our girls are first generation Australian if not further, and increasingly, the issues affecting the wider Australian community are becoming our issues too. Whilst there are many initiatives developing in the mainstream community, there is a void in initiatives that realistically and innovatively address the effect of social change in a way that is tailored to our young Australian Muslim girls.

With the rise of social media, Internet use, social trends, rampant exploitation of sexuality, spotlighting on Muslim women’s sense of freedom in light of international events and much more, these are proving to be very confusing and frustrating times for our young girls.

Our girls are struggling with their own identities as Muslims as well as Australians from varying cultural backgrounds. There needs to be programs that are specific for the girls in our community and that speak to them in innovative ways other than traditional methods.

Every young Muslim girl has the capacity to achieve greatness in a way that is true to her own individuality and essence. Every young Muslim girl has the makes of a leader within her regardless of what her dreams and aspirations may be.

Thus, came the birth of Her Project Inc., to provide the means for our young Australian Muslim girls to flourish both spiritually, AND in their worldly aspirations as well. To run initiatives that are based on the underlying Islamic principles of adab and akhlaaq, and by using innovative and creative delivery methods that resound with, and reach the hearts of our young girls.


At Her Project Inc., we believe that there is more to learning than the traditional lecture-style and “preachy” delivery methods. We know when given the encouragement to think for themselves and understand the issues they face today, our girls can achieve greatness.

The Her Project learning approach is all about creative delivery methods, where the girls are inspired to think and gain meaning through exploration and self- reflection. Hence, our projects will endeavor to address various social issues facing our girls through art, visuals, storytelling, practical approaches and much more!

We are bringing back creativity into the sphere of education so our girls can unleash their inner leader.


Because Her Project Inc. is about YOU.

If you are a visionary, if you want to be a part of not only empowering the future female leaders of our community but also building opportunities and networks for ALL sisters across our community, through the Her Project Inc. Vision, this Project is YOURS also.

Her Project Inc. is about building strong foundations, digging our roots into the ground and aiming our dreams towards, and beyond the stars!

Right now we are digging those roots and Insha’Allah through all of our combined efforts and fostering of our own community of visionaries, we will achieve Her Project Inc.’s long-term goal of establishing a much-needed leadership based learning institution and sanctuary for school-aged Muslim girls.