Al Amir Academy; Leadership Institute for Girls

Al Amir Academy is the physical embodiment of the values of Her Project Inc. It is the realisation of our long-term vision; a sanctuary of learning, leadership, and empowerment through a holistic approach to education that focuses on nurturing and cultivating female leaders through encouraging creative talent, strengthening the ties of sisterhood within the community, and contributing positively to the wider Australian society.

The graduates of Al Amir Academy will Insha’Allah be:

  • Confident in their identities as Australian Muslim women,
  • Trained in leadership skills, including practical experience in the application of those skills, and
  • Focused on continuing to contribute positively in their communities using their specialised talents, skills, and interests.

The goal for Al Amir Academy is one that will take some time to manifest but will happen Insha’Allah. With all of our consistent, combined efforts and with the help of the All-Mighty, this will soon be the case, Insha’Allah.

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